This is the official site for Hyvee employees, also known as HYvee Connect. You must go through the Hyvee Huddle application process if you want to maximize your employee benefits. Founded in the United States, this company has more than 245 locations across the country.


This portal is a unique platform for HYvee employees to obtain all company information, important updates and company news, update their daily worksheet, view their payroll and much more.

Advantages Of Hyvee

In addition to salary, free time and flexible working hours, HYvee does everything to keep its employees happy and satisfied through several benefits. Here is a list of them:

  • They offer excellent insurance benefits to employees and their families, including life insurance, medical and dental care, drug insurance and short-term disability from work.
  • Employee Discount: Hy-Vee employees are entitled to a 10% discount on in-store purchases and a 20% discount on restaurant dinner orders. You also receive gift cards and fuel economy benefits.
  • Profit sharing and pensions are part of a 401K-compatible business.
  • Various tax savings plans
  • Paid leave and free time
  • Employee wellness programs that involve participation in healthy lifestyle competitions to motivate them to lead one by sharing knowledge on wellness and health topics.


  • Rewards and Recognition: HYvee recognizes and honors its employees for their performance and for achieving the goals that motivate them.
  • An employee receives financial assistance if he wants to move from one state to another.
  • Other financial benefits of the company, such as loans, bonds and securities, etc.
  • Furthermore, there are several opportunities for growth with the company.
  • Hyvee offers career opportunities for those looking to join its organization. You can log in to their website and go to the Careers tab to search for various jobs available, including part-time and full-time jobs, and their application processes.